Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a Girl!!!

Now that I am 22 weeks and a little over 5 month pregnant I thought it would be a great time to update my blog! We got to find out on December 22 what we were having. It was a a good appointment but we weren't sure we were going to find out that day. This little one didn't want anyone to see her girl parts (good girl).  After some shaking ad  trying to get her to turn the doc was able to spot them and let us know we are having a girl! we did get a few 3D pictures of her but not a full body one. That kinda makes me sad but it's all good it just awesome getting to see her.

We have a few names picked out that we really like but the one we like most right now is Bentley Marie.  So you never know with Larin and I we might change our minds a few times before she is born.

I can't even explain how excited I am though. I can't wait to meet this little thing inside of me that keeps kicking my bladder ;) I already love her so much. it seems weird to love something so much that I have never met or even seen. I guess I kinda have seen her but I just feel like her and I have this bond already and I know she is going to be a daddy's girl.

She is hopefully going to be here the beginning of May and that is perfect timing for Larin and I. I am just finishing my second to last semester and he will hopefully be getting done with his EMT.
So that's our life right now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Catch Up

So obviously it has been a really long time since i have been on here.  There are very many things that have happened since march.
1. We moved to Rexburg so i could be closer to school. Which made Larin's drive a little longer but i don't think he minds. (I hope not)
2.  I finished my junior year of college.
3. Spent almost every week of the summer doing something for volleyball
4. Went to California for Father's day and my in-laws homecoming (which was amazing).
5. Went to Six Flags with my brother and sister in law and my hubby of course.
6. Learned how to paddle board.
7. Made some fun crafts for my bathroom and bedroom.
8. Started coaching volleyball.

These are just a few of the exciting things that have happened since march.  If i get motivated enough i might even find some pictures of some of these and post them on here. :)  but Now I am just coaching my JV volleyball team and we should have a really good team this year.  I'm excited to start having games instead of just having practice everyday.  So if anyone wants to watch my team we have a game tomorrow at skyline @ 5 I think ha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


A few months ago i asked my in laws if they would come up to surprise Larin for his 24th birthday. And of course they are awesome so they said they could come and my sister in law said she was able to come to.  So for about 2 months i had to keep this secret from Larin.  Almost the hardest things ever cause i was so excited. They flew in about 7 on the 18 so i had to figure out a way to get them to my house and still keep it a secret.  I told Larin that i forgot to get food from the store for dinner so i would be back home a little after he got home.  when i got back from picking up my in laws i called larin and asked him to come outside and help me with the groceries.  He came out and saw everyone and was so surprised.  He still says he had no idea which makes me so happy.  That weekend we went shooting swimming and went to dinner.  we had a great time and were super excited they were able to come from Cali to spend the weekend in freezing Idaho.

At the airport sending them back to the warmth

Best husband ever

I know this is late but i just found the pictures on my camera.  this year was our first valentines together.  I'm going to have to say it was the greatest one i have had so far. ;) I had a volleyball game that night so we were planning on having a late reservation a famous daves. When i got home this is what i found 
Our front room he had set up a litle picnic area with to go food from famous daves and mountain dew.
our room

Thursday, January 20, 2011

21st Birthday!!!

So yesterday was my 21st birthday.  It was the best day. Larin came home from work Tuesday night and took me to the Shilo Inn.  Our room was so amazing.  it was huge and we had a great view of the temple and the falls.  After we checked in he took me to dinner at applebees.  So the next morning Larin went to action motor sports and got us a sled to ride for the day and he let me sleep in.  When he got back and i was ready we headed up to Rexburg to pick up Jordan and Krystal. we took the sleds up to Mesa falls and rode clear to Island Park.  Such a fun a beautiful ride.  I very much wish i would have remembered my camera because i would have loved to take pics.  Our ride took about 5 hours and then we headed back to Rexburg for cake and ice cream.  It was pretty much the greatest day ever.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been having my whole family there.  But i decided i have the best husband ever who spoils me rotten.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple Sauce Day

Today we are at my grandparents.  Grandpa, Larin and Kade are out fixing the correll and grandma, kasey and i are inside making apple sauce and apple butter.  Pretty great and at least we are inside all warm.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


My family is here this weekend and so far it's been so fun.  While i was studying for a test all day yesterday they went shopping. After i was done we met and went to pizza hut and mandi's boyfriends football game. Which by the way was pretty cold.  After the football game we all came back to Krystals and had a sleepover.  What a fun day!! (oh and p.s. dad and jordan were not here cause they were fishing all day)